- support drawing tool for MicroStation
      Main features

Main features


  • It works with Bentley CAD products of version V8 MicroStation, PowerDraft, PowerMap, PowerCivil, Bentley Map PowerView and Bentley Map Standalone
  • It has a user-friendly interface, clear menus
  • When working with cells, texts and user lines it uses a scale
  • It has a structured tree menu to select commands
  • It has a possibility to define more tree menus on separate pages
  • Commands and also their graphic representation are stored in the Instruction - XML file
  • Instruction can use all Key-Ins commands recognized by MicroStation
  • Commands defined in the upper node are inherited by all lower (child) nodes
  • Lower nodes can modify its inherited command or completely ignore it
  • MSet saves the used scale in the DGN file
  • MSet saves the name of used Instruction in the DGN file
  • When opening the DGN file the MSet automatically adjusts the scale and activates the relevant Instruction
  • Allows quick access to the editing of Instruction
  • All important settings are handled through the MicroStation configuration variables


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